James “Jay” Lamonda’s Story

Hello, my name is James. I’m 33 years old and new to the church. In my life I’ve done plenty wrong and not enough right. My life had not been easy, mostly due to my own choices. I found myself recently in a crossroad, a point where if I make the wrong choice I may never find happiness again. I had lost myself and at this point, my family and 9 year relationship was gone as well. Today I’ve turned my life to God, far from perfect but closer than yesterday. I now have my relationship repaired and I’m continuing to make my family believe in me and the choices I’m making. A career I never thought of is getting closer to being my career. Blessings are being placed at my door step and to God I give the glory. I thank the house of destiny for providing an amazing place to strengthen my relationship with God. I pray whoever it is reading this may one day share a seat next to me one Sunday morning. God bless you.