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M. Pauline Outreach Center 

The M. Pauline Outreach Center will be located at 45 Charlton Street, Southbridge, MA and will be under the 501(c)3 umbrella of House of Destiny Ministries, Inc. The Outreach Center will offer services such as but not limited to; crisis intervention, support groups, advocacy, education, after school programing for school age children, referral services, case management, etc.

The M. Pauline Outreach Center will serve as safe haven for women and children experiencing domestic violence.  The M. Pauline Outreach Center will be a place that will offer long term case management and empowerment for women and children who have or are experiencing domestic violence.


To assist women and children who have been exposed to violence. By providing a safe and peaceful environment free of yelling, criticisms and any form of negativity.


Assist/Support women and children in their journey to a violent free life.

Our Goal

To empower participants to break the cycle of violent relationships in their lives. To assist them to see life beyond current situation set goals and become self sufficient. To assist children to become free of the statistical disadvantages associated with living in a violent environment. 

The M. Pauline Outreach Center is not operating at its complete capacity at this time as some areas are under construction. We are currently able to serve as a referral hub for those victimized by violence as we have and are building relationships with other local organizations. 

We will be opening and operating our shelter portion at it’s completion.

Development Process