Bridge of Faith Youth Center offers youths that have already been identified as at-risk or low to moderate income, an opportunity to enhance their educational & computer skills that will develop a positive attitude towards their future. A long term goal of Bridge of Faith Youth Center is to empower the young person with the necessary skills to break the stigma and habits that are leading to trouble in school and in our streets.

Bridge of Faith Youth Center will have five major components of its programming. They are as follow:

Tutoring: In this component whether the student is a moderately paced learner, or a slow learner, the educational process begins at the exact level determined by the child’s ability. This is individualization, making it possible for each student to master the subject concepts before moving on. Such mastery is the foundation upon which all future learning is built. The recognition that students will best learn when

·          the subject level is where they can perform

·          reasonable goals are set

·          control and motivations are synchronized

·          learning is measurable

·          learning is rewarded


Computer Education: This component would use technology as a tool: Although technology literacy is one of the goals of our classes, we believe that technology is a powerful enabling tool that can support critical thinking and other developmental skills.

Impact Seminars: This component would allow the youth to participate in impact seminars that our youth will learn about different skills, expand on vocational abilities and provide them with leadership skills.

Connections: This component would serve a resource to bridge the multitude of social services and non-profit agency that could be used in our community.


Recreational: This component would use a series of recreational activities that would promote positive skills and also contribute to our community. Some activities would be but not limited to: video games, arts & crafts, team building activities, (challenges) talent shows & community clean up.